Yin Zhong Import and Export Corp. Ltd. is one of the leading and comprehensive enterprises in China; mainly dealing with International Trade. Since 1997, our sincere contribution to the trade services made us unique among other trade companies in China. Started in Hong Kong by a group of young entrepreneurs, our company has extended itís services from Import, Export, International Trade, Logistics, Overseas Marketing, Business Services and Business Consultancy.

Yin Zhong Import and Export Corp. Ltd. is mainly a trade company. We provide a very good export services for Chinese products all over the world.

Being an IE Management company, we offer our clients a wide range or transportation modes as well as expert advice on which of these modes of transportation is best suited to their products.

We are the FIRST company in Asia, or probably the world, to introduce the concept of Neo-Machinery Marketing.  

Our services in China can be discussed as 2 categories. One is the service we provide for foreign companies in China. 

International Trade

Logistics & Shipping

International Trade

Business Consultant


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